Abrahams, Ivor; sculptor, London, April 2006

Ackland, Jos; actor, London, February 1986

Ackroyd, Norman; painter, printmaker, London, August 2016

Adamson, Campbell; industrialist, London, June 1989

Aggarwal, Varinder; chemist, Bristol, November 2015

Ai Weiwei; artist, London, April 2023

Al-Khalili, Jim; physicist, broadcaster, author; Guildford (Surrey), June 2018

Alexandra, Princess; The Honourable Lady Ogilvy, Chichester (West Sussex), September 2006

Amis, Kingsley; writer, London, March 1987

Anderson, Robert G.W.; museum curator, chemist, London, January 1992

Anderson, Sir Roy; epidemiologist, London, November 2011

Ara, Rachel; sculptor, London, September 2019

Arad, Ron; architect, designer, London, May 2000

Arad, Ron; architect, designer, London, November 2017

Archer, Jeffrey; politician, author, Bounemouth, October 1986

Armfield, Diana; and Bernard Dunstan, painters, London (Kew), April 2008

Armfield, Diana; and Bernhard Dunstan, painters, London (Kew), December 2016

Armfield, Diana; painter, London, December 2020

Armitage, Kenneth; sculptor, London (Hammersmith), October 1995

Arrao, Claudio; pianist, London, June 1986

Ashcroft, Dame Peggy; actress, London, June 1988

Ashcroft, Frances; physiologist, Oxford, March 2007

Ashkenazy, Vladimir; pianist, conductor, London, August 1985

Ashley-Cooper, Nicholas; 12th Earl of Shaftesbury, Wimborne St Giles (Dorset), May 2012

Ashman, Malcolm; painter, Bath, September 2022

Askonas, Brigitte; immunologist, London, September 2009

Atiyah, Sir Michael; mathematician, London, March 1991

Attenborough, Richard; Lord Attenborough, actor, Brighton (Falmer), July 2001

Attenborough, Sir David; television presenter, London, November 1994

Atwood, Margaret; writer, poet; London, January 1989

Auerbach, Frank; painter, London, April 2004

Baldwin, James; playwright, London, March 1987

Ball, Julia; painter, Cambridge, October 2018

Banham, Sir John and Howard Davies; businessmen, CBI directors, London, May 1992

Bannister, Sir Roger; athlete, physician, Oxford, November 2011

Barber, Brendan; trade unionist, London, March 2006

Barber, Peter; architect, London, May 2022

Barlow, Phyllida; sculptor, London, August 2013

Barlow, Phyllida; sculptor, London, December 2017

Barns-Graham, Wilhelmina; painter, St Ives, Cornwall, March 1993

Barry, Sebastian; playwright, novelist, Richmond, Surrey, November 2016

Baselitz, Georg; artist, London, December 1987

Batten, Sir John Charles; physician, London (Kew), October 2000

Bawden, Richard; painter, printmaker, Hadleigh (Suffolk), March 2019

Baylis, Trevor; inventor, London (Twickenham), September 2000

Beattie, Basil; painter, London, August 2019

Beckett, Sir Terence; businessman, London, November 1993

Beekeeper; Graham Rowden, Steep Marsh, Hampshire, August 2007

Beetles, Chris; gallerist, London, May 2016

Begum, Rana; sculptor, London, March 2020

Begum, Rana; sculptor, London, October 2017

Bell Burnell, Dame Jocelyn; astrophysicist, Oxford, October 2013

Belohlavek, Jiri; conductor, London, March 2007

Benetton, Luciano; businessman, London, October 2019

Benn, Hilary; politician, Singleton (West Sussex), March 2009

Bennett, Franics; publisher, London (Twickenham), April 2001

Bennett, Malcolm; plant biologist, Nottingham, July 2022

Bennett, Richard Rodney; composer, London, November 2006

Benton, Michael; palaeontologist, Bristol, October 2015.

Beral, Dame Valerie; epidemiologist, Oxford, December 2011

Berry, June; painter, London, January 2017

Bessborough, Countess (Madeleine Ponsonby); Roche Court, East Winterslow (Wiltshire) September 2005

Beuys, Joseph; artist, London, October 1985

Bickmore, Wendy; genome biologist, Edingurgh, February 2020

Bicycle repairs; David Palmer, Teddington, May 2011

Birch, Dr. John; organist, Chichester (West Sussex), May 2006

Birtwistle, Harrison; composer, London, August 1987

Birtwistle, Harrison; composer, London, March 2012

Birtwistle, Silas; furniture designer, London (Twickenham), March 2010

Black, Sir James; doctor and pharmacologist, London, October 1988

Blackadder, Dame Elizabeth; painter, Edinburgh, September 2011

Blair, Tony; politician, London, October 2005

Blake, Pippa; painter, Chichester (West Sussex), July 2019

Blake, Sir Peter; painter, London (Hammersmith), May 2006

Blakemore, Sir Colin; neurobiologist, London, May 2017

Blanch, Stuart; Lord Blanch; bishop, London, February 1988

Blow, Sandra; painter, London, January 1994

Blumenfeld, Helaine; sculptor, Cambridge, July 2019

Blundell, Sir Tom; biochemist, Cambridge, January 2007

Boatbuilder; Mark Edwards, Richmond-upon-Thames, January 2001

Bodmer, Sir Walter; geneticist, Oxford, May 2007

Bond, Billie; sculptor, Great Waltham, Essex, February 2018

Bonneville, Hugh; actor, East Meon (Hampshire), October 2017

Boonham, Nigel; sculptor, London, June 2007

Boothroyd, Betty; politician, London, December 1994

Borg, Alan; museum director, London, September 1996

Borysiewicz, Sir Leszek; physician, immunologist, London, November 2007

Bottomley, Virginia; politician, London, October 1998

Boulez, Pierre; conductor, London, January 1989.

Boulton, Janet; painter, Abingdon (Oxfordshire), March 2019

Bowey, Olwyn; painter, Heyshott (West Sussex), October 2013

Bowling, Frank; painter, London, October 2014.

Bowness, Sir Alan; art historian, London, January 1987

Bowyer, Francis; painter, London, January 2019

Boyce, Sonia; artist, London, May 2018

Boyd, Sir Ian; zoologist, St Andrews, April 2022

Boyle Family; artists, London, June 2015.

Bradley, Karen; politician, Birmingham, October 2018

Bragg, Melvyn; author, broadcaster, London, February 1986

Bragg, Mervyn; Lord Bragg, Leeds, June 2000

Branagh, Kenneth; actor, Wakefield Place, W.Sussex, May 2005.

Brand, Andrea; biologist, Cambridge, October 2018

Brandon, Peter; author, geographer, Petworth (West Sussex), October 2006

Branson, Richard; entrepreneur, London, June 1987

Brasher, Chris; athlete, businessman, London (Petersham), September 2000

Brendel, Alfred; pianist, Cambridge, June 2012

Brewer; Keith Vidler, Ballards Brewery, Rogate, Sussex, June 2002

Brickmaker; Albie Dreckmann, Pitsham Brickworks, Sussex, August 2002

Brodsky, Joseph; writer, London, October 1987

Brown, Gordon; politician, Brighton, September 1991

Browne, John; Lord Browne of Madingley, businessman, London, June 2016

Bryan, Denise; artist, London, May 2015.

Bryer, David; director of Oxfam, Oxford, February 1996

Bryson, Bill; author, London, March 2009

Builders; Ray Monk (l.), Pat Walsh (r.), Richmond-upon-Thames, September 2000

Burgess, Anthony; novelist, London, May 1986

Burnett, Clare; sculptor and installation artist, London, December 2011

Butler, James; sculptor, Radway (Warwickshire), July 2012

Butler, Sir Robin; civil servant, London, December 1997

Butlin, Martin; art historian, London, January 1987

Byatt, A.S.; novelist, Twickenham, November 2009

Cable, Vincent; MP, London (Twickenham), January 2001

Cairns, Joyce; painter, Dundee, April 2022

Callaghan, James; politician, London, January 1987

Cameron, David; politician, Birmingham, October 2014.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall; Watts Chapel, Compton (Surrey), May 2011

Campbell, Eleanor; chemist, Edinburgh, September 2017

Campbell, Sir Colin, lawyer, Nottingham, June 2008

Carington, Peter; Lord Carrington, politician, London, March 2000

Caro, Sir Anthony; sculptor, London, March 1998

Caro, Sir Anthony; sculptor, London, May 1991

Carter, John; sculptor, London, March 2011

Casey, Dorcas; sculptor, Bristol, October 2022

Cashman, Katharine; volcanologist, Bristol, March 2018

Cass, Wilfred and Jeanette; art collectors, business people, Goodwood, West Sussex, February 2003.

Cassell, Halima; ceramicist, sculptor, Aston-on-Clun, Shropshire, September 2021

Casson, Sir Hugh; architect, London, February 1986

Catherall, Paul; printmaker and illustrator, London, March 2008

Catling, Brian; artist, author, Oxford, August 2017

Cavinato, Paolo; sculptor and installation artist, London, May 2011

Chadwick, Lynn; sculptor, Lypiatt Park (Gloucestershire), September 1995

Chambers, Stephen; painter, London, March 2018

Charcoalburner; Chris Wall-Palmer, Ingrams Copse, Sussex, October 2007

Charles, Prince of Wales; Watts Chapel, Compton (Surrey), May 2011

Charlesworth, Brian and Deborah; evolutionary biologists, Edinburgh, September 2017

Charlesworth, Deborah; evolutionary biologist, Edinburgh, September 2017

Charteris, Lord Charteris of Amisfield; courtier, London, January 1987

Cheshire, Group Captain Leonard; Lord Cheshire, RAF pilot, Cavendish (Suffolk), June 1987

Chinneck, Alexander; sculptor, Brook (Kent), August 2017

Chipperfield, Sir David; architect, London, May 2018

Christopher, Ann; sculptor, Marshfield (Gloucestershire), May 2006

Christopher, Ann; sculptor, Marshfield (Goucestershire), April 2022

Cidermaker; John Batchelor, Maplehurst, Sussex, May 2012

Clark, Jonathan; gallerist, London, May 2016

Clark, Richard; Alexander Macgregor (r), sculptors, London, July 1993

Clarke, Bryan; geneticist, Nottingham, June 2008

Clarke, Ethelwynne ‘Bill’ (nee Tyrer); sculptor, Stowe Hill, Hartest (Suffolk), April 1994

Clarke, Geoffrey; and Jonathan Clarke, sculptors, Stowe Hill, Hartest (Suffolk), April 1994

Clarke, Jonathan; sculptor, Hartest (Suffolk), September 2020

Cogdell, Richard; botanist, Glasgow, April 2015.

Collins, Cecil; painter, London, June 1988

Collins, Sir Rory; epidemiologist, Oxford, April 2017

Cooper, Eileen; painter, London, May 2013.

Cooper, Eileen; painter, London, September 2016

Copnall, John; painter, December 1993.

Coppice worker; Alan Waters, Tillington, Sussex, February 2008

Corby, Sir Brian; businessman, CBI President, London, May 1990

Cowdray, 4th Vicount; Michael Pearson, Midhurst (West Sussex), March 2004

Cowley, Stanley; astrophysicist, Leicester, October 2014.

Cox, Geoffrey QC, politician, attorney, Birmingham, October 2018

Cox, Stephen; sculptor, Coreley (Shropshire), June 2016

Crabbe, James; biochemist, Reading (Berkshire), 1998

Cragg, Tony; sculptor, Wuppertal (Germany), December 2016

Craig-Martin, Michael; artist, London, June 2015.

Crane, Peter; botanist, London (Kew), January 1999

Craxton, John; painter, London, January 2007

Creed, Martin; artist, musician, London, July 2016

Creswell, Alexander; painter, Compton (Surrey), April 2011

Crowther, Alison; sculptor, Petersfield, Hampshire, November 2014.

Crowther, Alison; sculptor, Petersfield, Hampshire, October 2021

Cummins, Gus; painter, London, October 2012.

Cunliffe, Sir Barry; archeologist, Oxford, May 2013.

Cunningham, Alice; sculptor, London, October 2015.

D’Offay, Anthony; art collector, London, February 2016

Dahrendorf, Ralf; sociologist, London, June 1985

Dainton, Lord Fred; chemist, Nottingham, July 1990

Damhus, Leslie Glenn; painter, From (Somerset), October 2022

Damoah, Adelaide; artist, London, November 2022

Dankworth, Johnny; jazz musician, London, February 1986

Darzi, Ara, Baron Darzi of Denham; surgeon, London, August 2007

Davie, Alan; painter, London, July 1993

Davies, Howard and Sir John Banham; businessmen,CBI directors, London, May 1992

Davies, Kay; geneticist, Oxford, March 2007

Dawkins, Richard; evolutionary biologist,Oxford, April 2008

Day, Lucienne; designer, London, October 1997

Day, Robin; designer, London, October 1997

Day, Sir Graham; businessman and lawyer, London, October 1994

De Grey, Roger; painter, London, October 1985

de Monchaux, Cathy; sculptor, London, January 2019

de Valois, Dame Ninette; ballerina, London, February 1988

Deacon, Richard; sculptor, London, September 2006

Dean, Tacita; artist, London, March 2018

Dean, Tacita; artist, London, May 2018

Denning, Lord; lawyer and judge, London, May 1986

Desai, Kiran; novelist, London, October 2006

Desmet, Anne; printmaker, London, April 2016

Desmet, Anne; printmaker, London, July 2013

Deverell, Richard; director, botanical gardens, London (Kew), September 2012

Dholakia, Navnit; Lord Dholakia, Waltham Books (West Sussex), April 2002

Di Stefano, Arturo; painter, London, November 2018

Dickens, Sophie; sculptor, London, June 2007

Dickens, Sophie; sculptor, London, May 2015

Donagh, Rita; Richard Hamilton, painters, Chilgrove (West Sussex), July 2005

Donald, Athene; physicist, Cambridge, March 2010

Donoghue, Philip; palaeontologist, Bristol, October 2015.

Douglas Camp, Sokari; sculptor, London, May 2005

Douglas-Home, Alexander ‘Alec’; Baron Home of the Hirsel, politician, London, February 1987

Dowson, Sir Philip; architect, London, February 1994

Du Sautoy, Marcus; mathematician, Oxford, June 2009

Duffy, Carol Ann; poet, London October 2009

Duncan, Clive; sculptor, London, July 2016

Dunstan, Bernard and Diana Armfield, painters, London (Kew), April 2008

Dyke, Greg; media executive, London, July 2001

Dyson, James; inventor, businessman, London, October 1996

Edalatpour, Seyed; sculptor, Ebbw Vale (Blaenau Gwent, Wales),

Edgar, Jon; sculptor, Fittleworth (West Sussex), Sept. 2009; Dec. 2013

Edwards, Laurence; sculptor, Butley (Suffolk), January 2016

Edwards, Sian; conductor, London, May 1988

El-Salahi, Ibrahim; painter, Oxford, January 2019

Elia, Wendy; painter, Teignmouth (Devon), September 2022

Elias, Brian; composer, London, February 2006

Elles, Diana; Baroness Elles, barrister, Englefield Green (Surrey), December 1988

Elliott, Sir John; historian, Cambridge, June 2013.

Elton, Ben; author, comedian, London, June 1986

Elton, Lewis; physicist, researcher into education, Guildford (Surrey), November 2011

Emin, Tracy; artist, London, April 2018

Emin, Tracy; artist, London, October 2012.

Emmett, Michael; studio potter, Sheldon (Devon), September 2022

English, Rose; artist, London, October 2018

Estate worker; Sandra Coxall, Richmond-upon-Thames, January 2012

Estate workers; Mark Buxton (r.), Tristan Lee, Richmond Park, December 2000

Esteve-Coll, Elizabeth; academic, museum director, London, July 1987

Ettedgui, Joseph; designer, businessman, London, June 1999

Evans, Sir Martin; geneticist, London, March 2008

Evans, Sir Robert; businessman, London, 1989

Eversley, Fred; sculptor, London, September 2018

Eysenck, Hans Jürgen; Michael Eysenck, psychologists, London, February 1991

Eyton, Anthony; painter, London, February and April 2017

Eyton, Anthony; painter, London, June 2008

Fallon, Michael; politician, Birmingham, October 2014.

Farhi, Nicole; fashion designer, sculptor, London, September 2014

Farquharson, Alex; gallery director, London, May 2017

Farrell, Yvonne; architect, London, January 2014

Farrier; Frank Dean, Rodmell, Sussex, May 2003

Faure Walker, James; painter, London, October 2021

Faust, Isabelle; violinist, London, June 2014.

Fedden, Mary; painter, London (Hammersmith), May 2006

Ferguson-Smith, Anne; geneticist, Cambridge, April 2018

Ferguson-Smith, Malcolm; geneticist, Cambridge, April 2018


Ferryman; Ben Heath, Hampton, Surrey, October 2011

Fiddian Green, Nic; sculptor, Bramley (Surrey), February 2012

Fiddian Green, Nic; sculptor, Lasham (Hampshire), March 2008

Finch, Catrin; harpist, Oxford, April 2010

Flanagan, Barry; sculptor; London, September 1991

Flaxton, Terry; artist, North Wootton (Somerset), September 2022

Fleischmann, Arthur; sculptor, London, June 1986

Flood-Paddock, Jess; sculptor, London, August 2015

Fogle, Ben; author, televison presenter, Amberley (West Sussex), October 2009

Forbert, Jamie; architect, St Ives (Cornwall), October 2017

Ford Davies, Oliver; actor, London (Twickenham), May 2009

Ford, Laura; sculptor, London, April 2016

Fortey, Richard; paleonthologist, London, February 2008

Foster, Norman; Baron Foster; architect, London, October 1997

Foster, Russell; neuroscientist,Oxford, April 2017

Francis, Dame Jane; palaeoclimatologist, Cambridge, November 2018

Frayling, Christopher; writer, London, February 2000.

Frayn, Michael; playwright, London (Petersham), February 2012

Freedman, Amelia; artistic director, London, March 2012

Freije, Kira; sculptor, London, February 2018

Frink, Dame Elisabeth; sculptor, Woolland (Dorset), March 1990

Frith, Uta and Chris; psychologists, London, August 2009

Fruit grower; Rory Clarke, Horsted Keynes, March 2011

Fruit grower; Tony Eales, Hailsham, Sussex, May 2012

Fruit picker; Gladys Marshall, Kirdford, Sussex, June 2011

Fry, Stephen; author, actor, London, October 2012

Fürst, Janos; conductor, London, July 2006

Gander, Ryan; artist, Melton (Suffolk), June 2022

Gardener; Jim Buckland, West Dean, Sussex, July 2010

Gardiner, John; Lord Gardiner, politician, Midhurst, W.Sussex, December 2017

Gardiner, Sir John Eliot; conductor, Cambridge, June 2015.

Gardner, Sir Richard; zoologist, Cambridge, June 2012

Gascoigne, Bamber; author and television presenter, Richmond-upon-Thames, March 2012

Gault, Annabel; painter, Saxmundham (Suffolk), January 2019

Geddes, Stewart; painter, Bristol, September 2022

Geldof, Bob; singer, songwriter, London, February 1987

Gellhorn, Peter; conductor, pianist, London (East Sheen), November 2000

George, Patrick; painter, Saxham Hall, Suffolk, October 2014.

Ghandehari, Yasmin; designer, London, October 2012.

Gielgud, Sir John; actor, London, June 1988

Gilbert and George; artists, printmakers, London, March 2012

Gili, Katherine; sculptor, Faversham (Kent), December 2017

Gili, Katherine; sculptor, London, August 2020

Gingles, Graham; artist, Ballygally, Co. Antrim, October 2021

Glass, Philip; composer, London, October 2007

Gloucester, Duke of; Prince Richard, Compton (Surrey), May 2012

Goldsmith, Edward; publisher, environmentalist, London (Richmond), December 2000

Goldsmith, Zac; MP, London (Richmond Park), July 2012.

Goldsworthy, Andy; sculptor, Cocking Hill (West Sussex), August 2004

Gollancz, Livia; publisher; London February 1990

Goodwin, Angus; architect, Sudbury, Suffolk, January 2018

Gore, Frederick; painter, London, May 2008

Gormley, Antony; sculptor, London, January 1995

Gormley, Sir Antony; sculptor, London, September 2019

Grant, Keith; painter, Gvarv (Telemark, Norway), November 2018

Grant, Richard E.; actor, London (Petersham), July 2001

Grappelli, Stephane; jazz violinist, London, January 1988

Gray, Donald; Canon of Westminster, London, October 1988

Green, Anthony; painter, Little Eversden (Cambridgeshire), September 2017

Green, Ben; mathematician, Oxford, May 2017

Greenfield, Susan; pharmacologist, Oxford, July 1998

Grey-Thompson, ‘Tanni’; Baroness Grey-Thompson, parlamentarian, athlete, Cambridge, June 2016

Grimond, Joseph ‘Jo’; Lord Grimond, London, January 1987

Grimshaw, Sir Nicholas; architect, London, July 2011

Groves, Sir Charles, conductor, London, April 1986

Gubaidulina, Sofia; composer, January 2007

Guinness, Sir Alec; actor, London, October 1985

Gurdon, Sir John; biologist, Cambridge, October 2018

Hague, William; politician, author, Birmingham, October 2014.

Haigh, Joanna; physicist, London, June 2014

Hailsham, Lord; lawyer, Lord Chancellor, London, May 1986

Haitink, Bernard; conductor, London, June 2014

Hall, Dame Wendy; computer scientist, London, July 2010

Hall, Nigel;sculptor, London, September 2015

Hall, Sir Ernest; businessman, musician, Halifax (West Yorkshire), July 1998

Hall, Sir Peter; theatre, opera and film director, London, July 1987

Hambling, Maggi; sculptor and painter, Rendham, Suffolk, March 2014

Hamilton, Richard; and Rita Donagh, painters, Chilgrove (West Sussex), July 2005

Hammond, Philip; politician, Birmingham, October 2014.

Hammond, Philip; politician, Birmingham, October 2018

Harley, Alexandra; sculptor, London, September 2017

Harrod, Elizabeth; ballerina; London, September 2012

Harrod, Elizabeth; ballet student, London (Richmond Park), June 2001

Haslam, Sir Robert; businessman, London, September 1986

Heath-Brown,Gordon; mathematician, Oxford, June 2017

Heath, Edward; politician, London, June 1990

Hegerl, Gabriele; climate scientist, Edinburgh, April 2022

Henderson, Richard; biophysicist, molecular biologist, Cambridge, October 2017

Henderson, Sir Denys; businessman, London, February 1989

Heseltine, Michael and Anne; Lord and Lady Heseltine; Thenford, Northamptonshire, May 2005

Hewish, Sir Antony; radio astronomer, Cambridge, March 2010

Heywood, Tony; Alison Condie, sculptors, London, June 2016-06

Higgins, Dame Julia; scientist, London, April 2022

Higgs, Peter; physicist, Cambridge, June 2012

Higham, Nicholas; mathematician, Manchester, May 2015.

Hill, Geoffrey; poet, Oxford, June 2011

Hill, Selima; poet, London, August 2010

Hill, William G.; geneticist and statistician, Edinburgh, September 2017

Hillier, Joseph; sculptor, London, March 2017

Hirst, Damien; sculptor, Chalford (Gloucestershire), September 2006

Hitchens, John; painter, Petworth (West Sussex), June 2004

Hitchens, John; painter, Petworth (West Sussex), June 2019

Hitchens, Simon; sculptor, Buckland St Mary (Somerset), December 2021

Hobsbawm, Eric; historian, London, May 2007

Hockney, David; painter, London, August 1985

Hogan, Eileen; painter, London, July 2017

Hoggart, Simon; writer, journalist, London (Twickenham), October 2012

Hogwood, Christopher; conductor, London, May 2007

Hopper, Stephen; botanist, London (Kew), April 2011

Hoskins, Sir Brian; meteorologist, London April 2009

Hough, James; physicist, Glasgow, April 2015

Houseago, Thomas; sculptor, London, June 2019

Houshiary, Shirazeh; artist, London, March 2024

Howard, Elizabeth Jane; author, London, February 1986

Howard, Judith; chemist, London, July 2014

Howard, Ken; painter, London, October 2012.

Howard, Ken; painter, London, September 2014

Hughes, Ted; poet, Sheffield, July 1990

Hulton, Sir Edward ; publisher, writer, London, July 1986

Hume, Cardinal Basil; cleric, London 1989

Hunt, Jeremy; politician, Compton (Surrey), May 2010

Hunt, Sir Tim; biochemist, South Mimms (Hertfordshire), May 2008

Hutton, Louisa; architect, Berlin, July 2017

Huxley, Paul; painter, London (Hammersmith), May 2006

Hyman, Robin; publisher, London, January 1992

Hytner, Sir Nicholas; theatre director, Cambridge, June 2016

Insall, Sir Donald; architect, London, November 2015.

Inshaw, David; painter, Devizes (Wiltshire), March 2019

Irvin, Bert; painter, London, April 1993

Ive, Sir Jonathan; industrial designer, Cambridge, June 2016

Jacklin, Bill; painter, London, May 2023

Jackson, Philip; sculptor, West Dean (West Sussex), July 2005

Jackson, Vanessa; painter, London, July 2018

Jansons, Mariss; conductor, London, February 2007

Jantjes, Gavin; painter, Witney (Oxfordshire), January 2022

Jaray, Tess; painter, London, April 2015

Jay, Margaret Ann; Baroness Jay, politician, London, January 1999

Jeffreys, Sir Alec; geneticist, Leicester, September 2004

Jellicoe, Sir Geoffrey; architect, London, June 1990

Jenkins, Roy; politician, author, London, January 1987

Jennings, Martin; sculptor, London, June 2016

Jennings, Martin; sculptor, Oxford, September 2009

Jerram, Luke; artist, Bristol, October 2022

Johnson, Ben; painter, London (Hammersmith), February 2017

Johnson, Ben; painter, London (Hammersmith), May 2006

Johnson, Boris; politician, London (Kew), March 2014

Johnson, Boris; politician, Manchester, October 2019

Johnson, Dame Louise; biochemist, Harwell (Oxfordshire), July 2009

Jones, Digby; Lord Jones; businessman and politician, London, July 2018

Jones, Katherine; printmaker, London, June 2022

Jones, Sir Mark; art historian, Oxford, May 2013

Joseph, Tam; painter, sculptor, London, September 2020

Judge, Igor; Lord Judge of Draycote; Lord Chief Justice, Cambridge, June 2012

Julien, Isaac; artist, London, August 2021

Kalms, Sir Stanley; businessman, London, May 1997

Keith, Penelope; actress, Compton, Surrey, May 2011

Kenny, Sir Anthony; philosopher, Oxford, November 1998

Kentish, Rolfe; architect, London, April 2004

Kentner, Louis; pianist, London, July 1985

Kéré, Diébédo Francis; architect, London, January 2014

Khan, Idris; artist, London, October 2018

Khan, Sadiq; London Mayor, June 2016-06

King, Philip; sculptor, London, March 1993

Kinnock, Neil; politician, London, May 1987

Kirshbaum, Ralph; cellist, London, July 2006

Klug, Sir Aaron; chemist, biophysicist, London, February 1997

Kneale, Bryan; sculptor, London, February 2006

Knight, Sir Peter; physicist, London, April 2009

Kohn, Sir Ralph; businessman, London, February 2011

Koralek, Paul; architect, London, October 2012.

Kramer, Susan; Baroness Kramer, London (Barnes), December 2012

Krebs, Sir John; biologist, Oxford, November 2006

Kroto, Sir Harold; chemist, Falmer (Brighton, Sussex), October 1996

Kuma, Kengo; architect, London, January 2014

Lacey, Andrew, sculptor, London, March 2011

Lasdun, Sir Denys; architect, London, March 1997

Lawson, Nigel; politician, London, October 1986

Lawson, Sonia; painter, Linslade (Bedfordshire), September 2013

Lawton, Sir John; ecologist, London, March 2007

Lazarev, Alexander, conductor, London. April 2006

Le Brun, Christopher; painter, London, August 2012

Le Brun, Christopher; sculptor, Butley (Suffolk), January 2016

Leadsom, Andrea; politician, Birmingham, October 2018

Leakey; Richard; paleoanthropologist, London, November 1985

Lee, Laurie; writer, London, June 1986

Leigh-Pemberton, Sir Robin; banker, London, October 1991

Leman, Jill; painter, London, August 2017

Levete, Amanda; architect, London, November 2022

Lewis, Brandon; politician, Birmingham, October 2018

Lewis, Lennox; boxer, London, November 1995

Lewis, Lord Jack; chemist, Cambridge, January 2007

Lewis, Stephen; sculptor, London, October 2013

Leyser, Dame Ottoline; plant biologist, Cambridge, October 2018

Libeskind, Daniel; architect, London, September 1996.

Lijn, Liliane; sculptor, London, March 2023

Ling Hao; physicist, London (Teddington), September 2012

Lloyd, Robert; geneticist, Nottingham, July 2022

Locke, Hew; artist, London, March 2022

Loewenstein, Prince Rupert and Princess Josephine; financier, London (Petersham), July 2001

Lomax, Tom; sculptor, London, December 1991

Lomax, Tom; sculptor, London, September 2016

Long, M.J. (Mary Jane), London, April 2004

Long, M.J. (Mary Jane); Sir Colin St.John Wilson; architects, Chichester (West Sussex), June 2006

Long, Richard; sculptor, Bristol, October 2015.

Longford, Lord; Frank Pakenham, writer, March 1986.

Lovelock, James; chemist, biophysicist, London, February 2009

Lowry, Patrick; artist, London, April 2015.

Lucie-Smith, Edward; writer, poet, London, May 2018

Lutoslawski, Witold; composer, London, February 1989.

Lynden-Bell, Ruth; chemist, Cambridge, October 2018

Lyons, John; painter, poet, Littleport (Cambridgeshire), May 2022

Lyons, Michael; sculptor, Cawood, Yorkshire, November 2016

Macgregor, Alexander; Clark, Richard (l), sculptors, London, July 1993

MacGregor, Neil; art historian, Cambridge, June 2015.

MacGregor; Joanna; composer, pianist, Cambridge, June 2016

Mackay of Clashfern, Lord; advocate, Lord Chancellor, March 1989

Mackrell, William; artist, London, July 2015.

Macmillan, Alexander; 2nd Earl of Stockton, publisher, London, March 1992

Major, John; Prime Minister, London, March 1991

Makeba, Miriam; singer, London, January 1988

Makepeace, John; furniture designer, Parnham House (Dorset), 1999

Mallet, Isabel; sculptor, London, February 2018

Mallet, Sandy; painter, curator, London, July 2021

Malone, Kate; studio potter, London, c.1995

Mansfield, Sir Peter; physicist, Nottingham, November 2003

Mantel, Hilary; writer, Cambridge, June 2013.

Marie-Therese von Hohenberg, Princess; Mrs Anthony Bailey, Richmond-upon-Thames, October 2014

Marriner, Sir Neville; conductor, London, November 1988.

Maxwell Davis, Sir Peter; composer, London, November 2005

May, Brian; guitarist, composer, astrophysicist, London, September 2010

May, Robert; Lord May; biologist, Oxford, November 2006

May, Theresa; politician, Birmingham, October 2014.

May, Theresa; politician, Birmingham, October 2018

McAslan, John; architect, London, April 2018

McDonald, Sir Trevor; television presenter, London, November 2000

McFadyen, Jock; painter, London, December 2021

McGough, Roger; poet, author, London, October 2009

McKellen, Ian; actor, London, August 1986.

McKellen, Sir Ian; actor, Cambridge, June 2014

McKenzie, Dan; geophysicist, Cambridge, June 2014

McLaughlin, Niall; architect, London, August 2019

McMillan, Michael; artist, playwright, London, November 2021

McNamara, John; evolutionary biologist, Bristol, October 2015.

McVean, Gilean; statistician, Oxford, April 2017

McWilliam, F.E. (Frederick Edward); sculptor, London, June 1988

McWilliams, Douglas; economist, London, December 1996

McWilliams, Sir Francis; civil engineer, Lord Mayor of London, December 1996

Meadows, Bernard; sculptor, London, November 1994

Mehta, Zubin; conductor, London, December 1990.

Menuhin, Yehudi; violinist and conductor, London, October 1987

Menuhin, Yehudi; violinist, London, January 1988

Miles, Bernard and Josephine; Lord and Lady Miles, actors, London, May 1989

Millar, Andrew; systems biologist, Edinburgh, April 2022

Miller, Arthur; playwright, London, November 1987

Mills, Sir John; actor, London, February 1986

Milroy, Lisa; painter, London, October 2012

Mirrlees, James; economist, Cambridge, October 1996

Mirrlees, Sir James; economist, Cambridge, June 2015.

Mistry, Dhruva; and Trupti Patel, sculptors, Ingatestone (Essex), October 1991

Moncada, Sir Salvador; pharmacologist, Manchester, May 2015.

Monks, John; trade unionist, London, October 1993

Moore, Sir Patrick; astronomer, author, Selsey, West Sussex, February 1997

Morley, Oliver; Keeper of Public Records, London (Kew), June 2011

Morris, Desmond; zoologist, painter, author, Athgarvan, Co. Kildare, Ireland, October 2021

Morris, Frances; gallery director, London, April 2016

Morris, Mali; painter, London, September 2013

Morris, Russell; chemist, St Andrews, April 2022

Morrissey, Helena; financier, Cambridge, June 2016

Moser, Sir Claus; statistician, London, November 1994

Moura, Eduardo Souto de; architect, London, January 2014

Moussavi, Farshid; architect, London, April 2018

Murphy, David; sculptor, London, October 2016, August 2017

Murray, Len; trade unionist, politician, London, June 1986

Murray, Peter; director, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Wakefield, July 2016

Nairne, ‘Sandy’; writer, museum director, London, June 2009.

Nairne, Andrew; museum director, Cambridge, February 2018

Nash, David; sculptor, Blaenau Ffestiniog (Wales), April 2007

Neelova, Nika; sculptor, London, February 2022

Neill, Patrick; Baron Neill of Bladen QC; barrister, London, February 2000

Nelson, Jenny; physicist, London, July 2014.

Neuberger, Dame Julia; rabbi, Cambridge, June 2015.

Neurath, Eva and Thomas; publishers, London, February 1992

Newdick, Jonathan; artist, illustrator, Petworth (W.Sussex), December 2021

Nock, Camilla; painter, Sheldon (Devon), September 2022

Norfolk, Duke of; (Edward William Fitzalan-Howard), Arundel (West Sussex), October 2004

Norris, Rufus; theatre director, Kingston-upon-Thames (Surrey), June 2014

Nurse, Sir Paul; geneticist, London, June 2010

O’Donoghue, Hughie; painter, London, December 2021

O’Grady, Frances; trade unionist, London, October 2012.

O’Keefe, John; neuroscientist, London, October 2015.

Odundo, Magdalene; ceramicist, sculptor, Farnham (Surrey), January 2017

Ogilvie, Dame Bridget; parasitologist, London, October 2018

Ogle, David; sculptor and installation artist, London, February 2013

Orr, Chris; printmaker, London, November 2018

Osborne, George; politician, Birmingham, October 2014.

Padgett, Anthony; sculptor, London, June 2000

Palin, Sir Michael; actor, writer, London, November 2018

Palmer, Garrick; printmaker, painter, photographer, Chichester (West Sussex), September 2016.

Palumbo, Peter; Baron Palumbo; art collector, July 2005

Panufnik, Jem; artist, London (Richmond), November 2011

Panufnik, Lady Camilla; author, photographer, London (Twickenham), January 2001

Panufnik, Roxanna; composer, London (Barnes), February 2012

Parker, Cornelia; sculptor, London, November 2013

Partridge, Dame Linda; geneticist, London, January 2012

Patel, Priti; politician, Birmingham, October 2018

Patel, Trupti; and Dhruva Mistry, sculptors, Ingatestone (Essex), October 1991

Patten, Chris; politician, London (Barnes), July 2001

Pauk, György; violinist, London, February 2006

Pearce, Bryan; painter, St Ives (Cornwall), September 1993

Pendry, Sir John; physicist, London, December 2005

Penrose, Sir Roger; mathematician, physicist, Oxford, November 2021

Perry, Grayson; artist, London (Twickenham), November 2009

Perry, Grayson; artist, London, October 2012

Peters, Sir Keith; physician, Cambridge, June 2016

Pethica, Sir John; physicist, London (Teddington), November 2011

Phillips, Tom; painter, composer, London, November 1991

Piano, Renzo; architect, London, September 2018

Pickard, David; musical director, Glyndebourne (East Sussex), October 2004

Pilkington, Cathie; sculptor, London, September 2014

Pinnock, Trevor; conductor, London, February 2006

Pinter, Harold; playwright, London, June 1988

Polak, Dame Julia; histochemist, pathologist, London, June 2003

Poliakoff, Martyn; chemist, Nottingham, June 2008

Postman; V.Ford, Richmond-upon-Thames, July 2013

Pounds, Ken; astrophysicist, Leicester, October 2014.

Pouyan, Shahpour; sculptor, London, November 2020

Powell, Enoch; politician, London, January 1987

Prance, Ghillean; botanist, London (Kew), April 1995

Pritchard, Helena; painter, sculptor, Petersfield, Hampshire, September 2021

Pye, William, sculptor, London, June 2014

Quant, Mary; fashion designer, London, June 1987

Rackowe, Nathaniel; sculptor, London, September 2017

Radford, Sheena; biophysicist, Leeds, October 2014.

Rae, Barbara; painter, Edinburgh, September 2011

Rae, Fiona; painter, London, May 2013.

Rae, Ronald; sculptor, Edinburgh, September 2011

Ramakrishnan, Venkatraman ‘Venki’; biologist, Cambridge, April 2015

Ramsey Lunn, David; Bishop, Sheffield, July 1990

Ramshaw, Wendy; sculptor, London, January 1999

Randall-Page, Peter and son; sculptor, London, February 2011

Randall-Page, Peter; sculptor, Drewsteignton (Devon), November 2015.

Rank-Broadley, Ian; sculptor, London, February 2016

Ratcliffe, Sir Peter; physician, scientist, Oxford, November 2021

Rattle, Simon; conductor, London, October 1995.

Rawlins, Sir Michael; pharmacologist, Cambridge, June 2015.

Receptionist; Jacqueline Patrick, Richmond-upon-Thames, September 2001

Redgrave, Vanessa; actress, London, May 1986

Rees-Mogg, Jacob; politician, Birmingham, October 2018

Rees, Martin; Lord Rees of Ludlow; astronomer, Cambridge, December 2006

Rees, Martin; Lord Rees of Ludlow; astronomer, Cambridge, June 2014

Rego, Paula; painter, London, November 1994

Remfry, David; painter, London, October 2014.

Renton, Timothy; Lord Renton, Lewes (East Sussex), May 2003

Richmond, 10th Duke of; (Charles Henry Gordon-Lennox); Goodwood (West Sussex), September 2002

Riley, Bridget; painter, London, July 1989

Rix, Brian; Baron Rix; actor and campaigner, London, February 1992

Roberts, Dame Shelagh; industrial relations consultant, London, October 1991

Roberts, Sir Hugh; art historian, Windsor, June 2013.

Robinson, Dame Carol; chemist, Oxford, July 2013

Robinson, Dame Carol; chemist, Oxford, June 2013

Robinson, Fiona; artist, Lymington (Hampshire), September 2022

Rogers, Richard, Baron Rogers; architect, London, July 2013

Rogers, Sir Richard (r.); architect, London, January 1987

Rome, Richard; sculptor, London, December 2017

Rosenthal, Tom; publisher, London, November 1991

Rostropovich, Mstislav; cellist, London, October 1987

Rotblat, Joseph; physicist, London, October 1995

Rothschild, Eva; sculptor, London, August 2017

Rothschild, Jacob; Lord Rothschild, banker, London, January 1986

Runcie, Robert; archbishop, and Terry Waite, special envoy, London, November 1986

Runcie, Robert; archbishop, London, May 1986

Russell, Tom; architect, Bristol, September 2022

Ryder, Sophie; sculptor, Salisbury, April 2016

Ryder, Sophie; sculptor, Winson (Gloucestershire), April 2017

Ryder, Sue; Baroness Ryder, charity worker; Cavendish (Suffolk), June 1987

Sabin, Andrew; sculptor, London, April 2016

Sachs, Albie; lawyer, human rights activist, Cambridge, June 2014

Sainsbury, David; Lord Sainsbury, businessman, Cambridge, June 2013.

Sainsbury, Lady Anya; ballerina, London (Richmond Park), June 2001

Salter, Rebecca; painter, London, April 2015

Sandle, Michael; sculptor, London, February 2006

Sandle, Michael; sculptor, London, February 2016

Sands, Joanna; installation artist, London, October 2014.

Sassoon, Vidal; hair stylist, businessman, London, May 1985

Saumarez Smith, Charles; cultural historian, London, May 2018

Saunders, Dame Cicely; physician, writer, London, February 1990

Scargill, Arthur; trade unionist, Brighton, September 1986

Scott, Rachel; painter, weaver, London, October 2014.

Scott, Sir Peter; conservationist, London, July 1985

Selborne, 4th Earl, John Palmer; Selborne (Hampshire), February 2014

Serota, Nicholas; gallery director, London, January1997

Serota, Sir Nicholas; gallery director, London, June 2016

Sharman, Helen; cosmonaut, chemist, London, June 1991.

Sharman, Helen; cosmonaut, chemist, London, October 2015.

Shaw, Tim; sculptor, Penryn, Cornwall, July 2016.

Shawcross, Conrad; sculptor, London, April 2017

Shawcross, Conrad; sculptor, London, May 2015.

Shawcross, Neil; painter, Belfast, July 2018

Shipwright; Malcolm Lister, Richmond-upon-Thames, May 2012

Shonibare, Yinka; sculptor, Chichester (West Sussex), October 2015.

Shonibare, Yinka; sculptor, London, February 2016

Shore, Peter; Lord Shore, politician, London February 2000

Shuttleworth, Ken; architect, Nottingham, June 2008

Simpson, Pat; biologist, Cambridge, September 2009

Skehel, Sir John; virologist, London, June 2007

Smith, Paul ‘Don’; street artist, London, August 2014

Smith, Sir Adrian; statistician, London, June 2021

Smithies, Oliver; geneticist, Oxford, June 2011

Sockett, Elizabeth; microbiologist, Nottingham, July 2022

Solti, Sir George; conductor, London, March 1987

Soyinka, Wole (Akinwande Oluwole); writer, London, May 1987

Sparks, Sir Stephen; volcanologist, Burrington Combe (Somerset), March 2018

Sparmaker; Paul Pennington, Singleton, Sussex, April 2002

Spender, Sir Stephen; poet, London, November 1985

St Aubyn, Edward; writer, London, October 2006

Steel, David; politician, London, March 1987

Stewart, Sir William; biologist, London,1995

Stibbon, Emma; painter and printmaker, Bristol, March 2018

Stiglitz, Joseph; economist, Cambridge, June 2013.

Stobart, Eddie; businessman, Daventry, July 1998

Stockdale, Eric; judge, London, March 1989

Stockhausen, Karlheinz; composer, London, November 1988

Stoppard, Tom; playwright, London, January 1986

Stringer, Chris; anthropologist, London, February 2008

Strong, Sir Roy; art historian, London, August 2005

Sudbin, Yevgenij; pianist, London, December 2007

Sulston, Sir John; biologist, Cambridge, March 2010

Sutton, Philip; painter, Bridport (Dorset), January 2022

Swale, Suzan; painter, London, May 2021

Sweeting, Sir Martin; communications engineer, Guildford (Surrey), January 2002

Taylor, Wendy; sculptor, London, April 2016

Tebbenhoff, Almuth; sculptor, London, May 2014

Tebbit, Norman; politician, London, May 1987

Thatcher, Margaret; politician, London, May-June 1987

Thomas, Dame Jean; biochemist, Cambridge, September 2009

Thomson, Judith Jarvis; philosopher, Cambridge, June 2015.

Thornhill, Alan; sculptor, Chalford (Gloucestershire), January 2016

Thornhill, Alan; sculptor, London (Putney), August 2009

Tippett, Sir Michael; composer, London, January 1995

Tollemache, Sir Lyonel and Lady Mary; London (Ham), June 2001

Tomalin, Claire; biographer, London (Petersham), February 2012

Tonge, Jenny; MP, London (East Sheen), January 2001

Topolski, Feliks; painter, London, December 1985

Tress, David; painter, Nottingham, July 2022

Truss, Elizabeth; MP, Chalton, Hampshire, April 2016

Turk, Gavin; artist, London, December 2014

Turk, Gavin; artist, London, June 2017

Turner, Adair; businessman, London, December 1995

Tutu, Desmond; archbishop, London, April 1988

Tyacke, Sarah; Keeper of Public Records, London (Kew), December 2000

Uchida, Mitsuko; pianist, Cambridge, June 2014

Ustinov, Peter; actor, London, October 1987

Vaizey, Ed; MP, Minister for Culture, Twickenham, London, March 2015

Vargas Llosa, Mario; 1st Marquis of Vargas Llosa, writer, Cambridge, June 2013.

Vellacott, Avril; sculptor, London (Teddington), July 2007

Vengerov, Maxim; violinist, London, March 2006

Venturi, Robert; architect, London, January 1986

Verity, Charlotte; painter, London, January 2015.

Vousden, Karen; medical researcher, Glasgow, April 2015.

Walker, Sir John; biochemist, Cambridge, October 1997

Wallinger, Mark; sculptor, Oxford, May 2008

Wallis, Sheila; painter, Guildford (Surrey), July 2010

Walters, Sam; theatre director, London (Richmond), September 2012

Warren, Rebecca; sculptor, St Ives (Cornwall), October 2017

Wassenberg, Cara; sculptor, Petersfield, Hampshire, November 2014

Watson, Alan; Lord Watson of Richmond, broadcaster, politician, January 2001

Weidenfeld, George; Lord Weidenfeld of Chelsea, publisher, London, December 1991

Weir, Dame Gillian; organist, London, November 2013

Weller, Rudy; sculptor, London, July 1991

Wentworth, Richard; sculptor, London, December 2015

Westwood, Vivienne; fashion designer, London, February 1992

Wheeler, Michael; historian, Andover (Hampshire), August 2013

Whishaw, Anthony; painter, London, June 2012

Whiteread, Rachel; sculptor, London, June 2001

Wild, Julian; sculptor, Danehill, East Sussex, July 2015

Wilding, Alison; sculptor, London, October 2012

Williams, Rowan; Lord Williams, theologist, Cambridge, June 2013.

Williamson, Gavin; politician, Birmingham, October 2018

Willis, Norman; trade unionist, London, August 1985

Wilson, Richard; sculptor, London, July 2014

Wilson, Richard; sculptor, London, September 2018

Wilson, Sir Colin St.John; architect, Chichester (West Sussex), July 2006

Wilson, Sir Colin St.John; architect, London, March 1994

Wilson, Sir Colin St.John; architect, London, November 2005

Wilson, Sir Colin St.John; Long, M.J. (Mary Jane), architects, Chichester (West Sussex), June 2006

Wilson, Sir David; archaeologist and museum director, London, October 1989

Windlesham, Lord; David Hennessy, politician, September 1995

Wiseman, Debbie; composer, London, May 2014

Wolfendale, Arnold; astronomer, London, January 1991

Wondrausch, Mary; studio potter, Compton (Surrey), October 2013

Woodrow, Bill; sculptor, London, November 2006

Woods, Andrew; volcanologist, Cambridge, February 2018

Wragg, John; sculptor and painter, Devizes (Wiltshire), September 2015

Wylie, Rose; painter, Newnham, Kent, September 2014.

Wyndham, Max; Lord Egremont, Petworth (West Sussex), August 2005

Yhap, Laetitia; painter, Hastings (East Sussex), March 2018

Yonath, Ada; chemist, June 2013.

Young, David; Lord Young of Graffham; politician, June 1987

Young, Emily; sculptor, Chichester (West Sussex), October 2014.

Zanon, Fabio; guitarist, London, December 2006

Zombory-Moldovan, Adam; architect, London, December 2017

Zombory-Moldovan, Adam; architect, Sudbury, Suffolk, January 2018