Cable, Vincent; MP, London (Twickenham), January 2001

Cairns, Joyce; painter, Dundee, April 2022

Callaghan, James; politician, London, January 1987

Cameron, David; politician, Birmingham, October 2014.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall; Watts Chapel, Compton (Surrey), May 2011

Campbell, Eleanor; chemist, Edinburgh, September 2017

Campbell, Sir Colin, lawyer, Nottingham, June 2008

Carington, Peter; Lord Carrington, politician, London, March 2000

Caro, Sir Anthony; sculptor, London, March 1998

Caro, Sir Anthony; sculptor, London, May 1991

Carter, John; sculptor, London, March 2011

Casey, Dorcas; sculptor, Bristol, October 2022

Cashman, Katharine; volcanologist, Bristol, March 2018

Cass, Wilfred and Jeanette; art collectors, business people, Goodwood, West Sussex, February 2003.

Cassell, Halima; ceramicist, sculptor, Aston-on-Clun, Shropshire, September 2021

Casson, Sir Hugh; architect, London, February 1986

Catherall, Paul; printmaker and illustrator, London, March 2008

Catling, Brian; artist, author, Oxford, August 2017

Cavinato, Paolo; sculptor and installation artist, London, May 2011

Chadwick, Lynn; sculptor, Lypiatt Park (Gloucestershire), September 1995

Chambers, Stephen; painter, London, March 2018

Charles, Prince of Wales; Watts Chapel, Compton (Surrey), May 2011

Charlesworth, Brian and Deborah; evolutionary biologists, Edinburgh, September 2017

Charlesworth, Deborah; evolutionary biologist, Edinburgh, September 2017

Charteris, Lord Charteris of Amisfield; courtier, London, January 1987

Cheshire, Group Captain Leonard; Lord Cheshire, RAF pilot, Cavendish (Suffolk), June 1987

Chinneck, Alexander; sculptor, Brook (Kent), August 2017

Chipperfield, Sir David; architect, London, May 2018

Christopher, Ann; sculptor, Marshfield (Gloucestershire), May 2006

Christopher, Ann; sculptor, Marshfield (Goucestershire), April 2022

Clark, Jonathan; gallerist, London, May 2016

Clark, Richard; Alexander Macgregor (r), sculptors, London, July 1993

Clarke, Bryan; geneticist, Nottingham, June 2008

Clarke, Ethelwynne ‘Bill’ (nee Tyrer); sculptor, Stowe Hill, Hartest (Suffolk), April 1994

Clarke, Geoffrey; and Jonathan Clarke, sculptors, Stowe Hill, Hartest (Suffolk), April 1994

Clarke, Jonathan; sculptor, Hartest (Suffolk), September 2020

Cogdell, Richard; botanist, Glasgow, April 2015.

Collins, Cecil; painter, London, June 1988

Collins, Sir Rory; epidemiologist, Oxford, April 2017

Cooper, Eileen; painter, London, May 2013.

Cooper, Eileen; painter, London, September 2016

Copnall, John; painter, December 1993.

Corby, Sir Brian; businessman, CBI President, London, May 1990

Cowdray, 4th Vicount; Michael Pearson, Midhurst (West Sussex), March 2004

Cowley, Stanley; astrophysicist, Leicester, October 2014.

Cox, Geoffrey QC, politician, attorney, Birmingham, October 2018

Cox, Stephen; sculptor, Coreley (Shropshire), June 2016

Crabbe, James; biochemist, Reading (Berkshire), 1998

Cragg, Tony; sculptor, Wuppertal (Germany), December 2016

Craig-Martin, Michael; artist, London, June 2015.

Crane, Peter; botanist, London (Kew), January 1999

Craxton, John; painter, London, January 2007

Creed, Martin; artist, musician, London, July 2016

Creswell, Alexander; painter, Compton (Surrey), April 2011

Crowther, Alison; sculptor, Petersfield, Hampshire, November 2014.

Crowther, Alison; sculptor, Petersfield, Hampshire, October 2021

Cummins, Gus; painter, London, October 2012.

Cunliffe, Sir Barry; archeologist, Oxford, May 2013.

Cunningham, Alice; sculptor, London, October 2015.