Ackland, Jos; actor, London, February 1986

Ashcroft, Dame Peggy; actress, London, June 1988

Attenborough, Richard; Lord Attenborough, actor, Brighton (Falmer), July 2001

Bonneville, Hugh; actor, East Meon (Hampshire), October 2017

Branagh, Kenneth; actor, Wakefield Place, W.Sussex, May 2005.

de Valois, Dame Ninette; ballerina, London, February 1988

Elton, Ben; author, comedian, London, June 1986

English, Rose; artist, London, October 2018

Ford Davies, Oliver; actor, London (Twickenham), May 2009

Fry, Stephen; author, actor, London, October 2012

Gielgud, Sir John; actor, London, June 1988

Grant, Richard E.; actor, London (Petersham), July 2001

Guinness, Sir Alec; actor, London, October 1985

Hall, Sir Peter; theatre, opera and film director, London, July 1987

Harrod, Elizabeth; ballerina; London, September 2012

Harrod, Elizabeth; ballet student, London (Richmond Park), June 2001

Hytner, Sir Nicholas; theatre director, Cambridge, June 2016

Keith, Penelope; actress, Compton, Surrey, May 2011

McKellen, Ian; actor, London, August 1986.

McKellen, Sir Ian; actor, Cambridge, June 2014

Miles, Bernard and Josephine; Lord and Lady Miles, actors, London, May 1989

Mills, Sir John; actor, London, February 1986

Norris, Rufus; theatre director, Kingston-upon-Thames (Surrey), June 2014

Palin, Sir Michael; actor, writer, London, November 2018

Redgrave, Vanessa; actress, London, May 1986

Rix, Brian; Baron Rix; actor and campaigner, London, February 1992

Sainsbury, Lady Anya; ballerina, London (Richmond Park), June 2001

Ustinov, Peter; actor, London, October 1987

Walters, Sam; theatre director, London (Richmond), September 2012