Anderson, Robert G.W.; museum curator, chemist, London, January 1992

Bannister, Sir Roger; athlete, physician, Oxford, November 2011

Barber, Brendan; trade unionist, London, March 2006

Batten, Sir John Charles; physician, London (Kew), October 2000

Baylis, Trevor; inventor, London (Twickenham), September 2000

Beetles, Chris; gallerist, London, May 2016

Bessborough, Countess (Madeleine Ponsonby); Roche Court, East Winterslow (Wiltshire) September 2005

Borg, Alan; museum director, London, September 1996

Bowness, Sir Alan; art historian, London, January 1987

Bragg, Mervyn; Lord Bragg, Leeds, June 2000

Branson, Richard; entrepreneur, London, June 1987

Brasher, Chris; athlete, businessman, London (Petersham), September 2000

Browne, John; Lord Browne of Madingley, businessman, London, June 2016

Bryer, David; director of Oxfam, Oxford, February 1996

Butler, Sir Robin; civil servant, London, December 1997

Campbell, Sir Colin, lawyer, Nottingham, June 2008

Cass, Wilfred and Jeanette; art collectors, business people, Goodwood, West Sussex, February 2003.

Charteris, Lord Charteris of Amisfield; courtier, London, January 1987

Cheshire, Group Captain Leonard; Lord Cheshire, RAF pilot, Cavendish (Suffolk), June 1987

Clark, Jonathan; gallerist, London, May 2016

Cox, Geoffrey QC, politician, attorney, Birmingham, October 2018

D’Offay, Anthony; art collector, London, February 2016

Dainton, Lord Fred; chemist, Nottingham, July 1990

Darzi, Ara, Baron Darzi of Denham; surgeon, London, August 2007

Denning, Lord; lawyer and judge, London, May 1986

Deverell, Richard; director, botanical gardens, London (Kew), September 2012

Dyke, Greg; media executive, London, July 2001

Elles, Diana; Baroness Elles, barrister, Englefield Green (Surrey), December 1988

Elton, Lewis; physicist, researcher into education, Guildford (Surrey), November 2011

Esteve-Coll, Elizabeth; academic, museum director, London, July 1987

Farquharson, Alex; gallery director, London, May 2017

Geldof, Bob; singer, songwriter, London, February 1987

Grey-Thompson, ‘Tanni’; Baroness Grey-Thompson, parlamentarian, athlete, Cambridge, June 2016

Hailsham, Lord; lawyer, Lord Chancellor, London, May 1986

Hall, Sir Peter; theatre, opera and film director, London, July 1987

Heseltine, Michael and Anne; Lord and Lady Heseltine; Thenford, Northamptonshire, May 2005

Hytner, Sir Nicholas; theatre director, Cambridge, June 2016

Jones, Sir Mark; art historian, Oxford, May 2013

Judge, Igor; Lord Judge of Draycote; Lord Chief Justice, Cambridge, June 2012

Khan, Sadiq; London Mayor, June 2016-06

Lewis, Lennox; boxer, London, November 1995

MacGregor, Neil; art historian, Cambridge, June 2015.

Mackay of Clashfern, Lord; advocate, Lord Chancellor, March 1989

McDonald, Sir Trevor; television presenter, London, November 2000

McWilliams, Douglas; economist, London, December 1996

McWilliams, Sir Francis; civil engineer, Lord Mayor of London, December 1996

Monks, John; trade unionist, London, October 1993

Morley, Oliver; Keeper of Public Records, London (Kew), June 2011

Morris, Frances; gallery director, London, April 2016

Moser, Sir Claus; statistician, London, November 1994

Murray, Len; trade unionist, politician, London, June 1986

Murray, Peter; director, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Wakefield, July 2016

Nairne, ‘Sandy’; writer, museum director, London, June 2009.

Nairne, Andrew; museum director, Cambridge, February 2018

Neill, Patrick; Baron Neill of Bladen QC; barrister, London, February 2000

Neuberger, Dame Julia; rabbi, Cambridge, June 2015.

O’Grady, Frances; trade unionist, London, October 2012.

Palumbo, Peter; Baron Palumbo; art collector, July 2005

Rix, Brian; Baron Rix; actor and campaigner, London, February 1992

Roberts, Dame Shelagh; industrial relations consultant, London, October 1991

Ryder, Sue; Baroness Ryder, charity worker; Cavendish (Suffolk), June 1987

Sachs, Albie; lawyer, human rights activist, Cambridge, June 2014

Saumarez Smith, Charles; cultural historian, London, May 2018

Saunders, Dame Cicely; physician, writer, London, February 1990

Scargill, Arthur; trade unionist, Brighton, September 1986

Scott, Sir Peter; conservationist, London, July 1985

Selborne, 4th Earl, John Palmer; Selborne (Hampshire), February 2014

Serota, Nicholas; gallery director, London, January1997

Serota, Sir Nicholas; gallery director, London, June 2016

Stockdale, Eric; judge, London, March 1989

Strong, Sir Roy; art historian, London, August 2005

Tyacke, Sarah; Keeper of Public Records, London (Kew), December 2000

Watson, Alan; Lord Watson of Richmond, broadcaster, politician, January 2001

Willis, Norman; trade unionist, London, August 1985

Wilson, Sir David; archaeologist and museum director, London, October 1989