Walker, Sir John; biochemist, Cambridge, October 1997

Wallinger, Mark; sculptor, Oxford, May 2008

Wallis, Sheila; painter, Guildford (Surrey), July 2010

Walters, Sam; theatre director, London (Richmond), September 2012

Warren, Rebecca; sculptor, St Ives (Cornwall), October 2017

Wassenberg, Cara; sculptor, Petersfield, Hampshire, November 2014

Watson, Alan; Lord Watson of Richmond, broadcaster, politician, January 2001

Weidenfeld, George; Lord Weidenfeld of Chelsea, publisher, London, December 1991

Weir, Dame Gillian; organist, London, November 2013

Weller, Rudy; sculptor, London, July 1991

Wentworth, Richard; sculptor, London, December 2015

Westwood, Vivienne; fashion designer, London, February 1992

Wheeler, Michael; historian, Andover (Hampshire), August 2013

Whishaw, Anthony; painter, London, June 2012

Whiteread, Rachel; sculptor, London, June 2001

Wild, Julian; sculptor, Danehill, East Sussex, July 2015

Wilding, Alison; sculptor, London, October 2012

Williams, Rowan; Lord Williams, theologist, Cambridge, June 2013.

Williamson, Gavin; politician, Birmingham, October 2018

Willis, Norman; trade unionist, London, August 1985

Wilson, Richard; sculptor, London, July 2014

Wilson, Richard; sculptor, London, September 2018

Wilson, Sir Colin St.John; architect, Chichester (West Sussex), July 2006

Wilson, Sir Colin St.John; architect, London, March 1994

Wilson, Sir Colin St.John; architect, London, November 2005

Wilson, Sir Colin St.John; Long, M.J. (Mary Jane), architects, Chichester (West Sussex), June 2006

Wilson, Sir David; archaeologist and museum director, London, October 1989

Windlesham, Lord; David Hennessy, politician, September 1995

Wiseman, Debbie; composer, London, May 2014

Wolfendale, Arnold; astronomer, London, January 1991

Wondrausch, Mary; studio potter, Compton (Surrey), October 2013

Woodrow, Bill; sculptor, London, November 2006

Woods, Andrew; volcanologist, Cambridge, February 2018

Woods, Clare; painter, Hereford, September 2023

Wragg, John; sculptor and painter, Devizes (Wiltshire), September 2015

Wylie, Rose; painter, Newnham, Kent, September 2014.

Wyndham, Max; Lord Egremont, Petworth (West Sussex), August 2005