Hague, William; politician, author, Birmingham, October 2014.

Haigh, Joanna; physicist, London, June 2014

Hailsham, Lord; lawyer, Lord Chancellor, London, May 1986

Haitink, Bernard; conductor, London, June 2014

Hall, Dame Wendy; computer scientist, London, July 2010

Hall, Nigel;sculptor, London, September 2015

Hall, Sir Ernest; businessman, musician, Halifax (West Yorkshire), July 1998

Hall, Sir Peter; theatre, opera and film director, London, July 1987

Hambling, Maggi; sculptor and painter, Rendham, Suffolk, March 2014

Hamilton, Richard; and Rita Donagh, painters, Chilgrove (West Sussex), July 2005

Hammond, Philip; politician, Birmingham, October 2014.

Harley, Alexandra; sculptor, London, September 2017

Harrod, Elizabeth; ballerina; London, September 2012

Harrod, Elizabeth; ballet student, London (Richmond Park), June 2001

Haslam, Sir Robert; businessman, London, September 1986

Heath-Brown,Gordon; mathematician, Oxford, June 2017

Heath, Edward; politician, London, June 1990

Henderson, Richard; biophysicist, molecular biologist, Cambridge, October 2017

Henderson, Sir Denys; businessman, London, February 1989

Heseltine, Michael and Anne; Lord and Lady Heseltine; Thenford, Northamptonshire, May 2005

Hewish, Sir Antony; radio astronomer, Cambridge, March 2010

Heywood, Tony; Alison Condie, sculptors, London, June 2016-06

Higgs, Peter; physicist, Cambridge, June 2012

Higham, Nicholas; mathematician, Manchester, May 2015.

Hill, Geoffrey; poet, Oxford, June 2011

Hill, Selima; poet, London, August 2010

Hill, William G.; geneticist and statistician, Edinburgh, September 2017

Hillier, Joseph; sculptor, London, March 2017

Hirst, Damien; sculptor, Chalford (Gloucestershire), September 2006

Hitchens, John; painter, Petworth (West Sussex), February 2018

Hitchens, John; painter, Petworth (West Sussex), June 2004

Hitchens, Simon; sculptor, Buckland St Mary (Somerset), January 2015

Hobsbawm, Eric; historian, London, May 2007

Hockney, David; painter, London, August 1985

Hogan, Eileen; painter, London, July 2017

Hoggart, Simon; writer, journalist, London (Twickenham), October 2012

Hogwood, Christopher; conductor, London, May 2007

Hopper, Stephen; botanist, London (Kew), April 2011

Hoskins, Sir Brian; meteorologist, London April 2009

Hough, James; physicist, Glasgow, April 2015

Howard, Elizabeth Jane; author, London, February 1986

Howard, Judith; chemist, London, July 2014

Howard, Ken; painter, London, October 2012.

Howard, Ken; painter, London, September 2014

Hughes, Ted; poet, Sheffield, July 1990

Hulton, Sir Edward ; publisher, writer, London, July 1986

Hume, Cardinal Basil; cleric, London 1989

Hunt, Sir Tim; biochemist, South Mimms (Hertfordshire), May 2008

Hutton, Louisa; architect, Berlin, July 2017

Huxley, Paul; painter, London (Hammersmith), May 2006

Hytner, Sir Nicholas; theatre director, Cambridge, June 2016