Abrahams, Ivor; sculptor, London, April 2006

Ackland, Jos; actor, London, February 1986

Ackroyd, Norman; painter, printmaker, London, August 2016

Adamson, Campbell; industrialist, London, June 1989

Aggarwal, Varinder; chemist, Bristol, November 2015

Alexandra, Princess; The Honourable Lady Ogilvy, Chichester (West Sussex), September 2006

Amis, Kingsley; writer, London, March 1987

Anderson, Robert G.W.; museum curator, chemist, London, January 1992

Anderson, Sir Roy; epidemiologist, London, November 2011

Arad, Ron; architect, London, May 2000

Archer, Jeffrey; politician, author, Bounemouth, October 1986

Armfield, Diana; and Bernard Dunstan, painters, London (Kew), April 2008

Armfield, Diana; and Bernhard Dunstan, painters, London (Kew), December 2016

Armitage, Kenneth; sculptor, London (Hammersmith), October 1995

Ashcroft, Dame Peggy; actress, London, June 1988

Ashcroft, Frances; physiologist, Oxford, March 2007

Ashkenazy, Vladimir; pianist, conductor, London, August 1985

Ashley-Cooper, Nicholas; 12th Earl of Shaftesbury, Wimborne St Giles (Dorset), May 2012

Askonas, Brigitte; immunologist, London, September 2009

Atiyah, Sir Michael; mathematician, London, March 1991

Attenborough, Richard; Lord Attenborough, actor, Brighton (Falmer), July 2001

Attenborough, Sir David; television presenter, London, November 1994

Atwood, Margaret; writer, poet; London, January 1989

Auerbach, Frank; painter, London, April 2004