Archer, Jeffrey; politician, author, Bounemouth, October 1986

Blair, Tony; politician, London, October 2005

Boothroyd, Betty; politician, London, December 1994

Bottomley, Virginia; politician, London, October 1998

Brown, Gordon; politician, Brighton, September 1991

Cable, Vincent; MP, London (Twickenham), January 2001

Callaghan, James; politician, London, January 1987

Cameron, David; politician, Birmingham, October 2014.

Carington, Peter; Lord Carrington, politician, London, March 2000

Dholakia, Navnit; Lord Dholakia, Waltham Books (West Sussex), April 2002

Douglas-Home, Alexander ‘Alec’; Baron Home of the Hirsel, politician, London, February 1987

Fallon, Michael; politician, Birmingham, October 2014.

Gardiner, John; Lord Gardiner, politician, Midhurst, W.Sussex, December 2017

Goldsmith, Zac; MP, London (Richmond Park), July 2012.

Grimond, Joseph ‘Jo’; Lord Grimond, London, January 1987

Hague, William; politician, author, Birmingham, October 2014.

Hammond, Philip; politician, Birmingham, October 2014.

Heath, Edward; politician, London, June 1990

Heseltine, Michael and Anne; Lord and Lady Heseltine; Thenford, Northamptonshire, May 2005

Jay, Margaret Ann; Baroness Jay, politician, London, January 1999

Jenkins, Roy; politician, author, London, January 1987

Johnson, Boris; politician, London (Kew), March 2014

Jones, Digby; Lord Jones; businessman and politician, London, July 2018

Khan, Sadiq; London Mayor, June 2016-06

Kinnock, Neil; politician, London, May 1987

Kramer, Susan; Baroness Kramer, London (Barnes), December 2012

Lawson, Nigel; politician, London, October 1986

Major, John; Prime Minister, London, March 1991

May, Theresa; politician, Birmingham, October 2014.

Murray, Len; trade unionist, politician, London, June 1986

Osborne, George; politician, Birmingham, October 2014.

Patten, Chris; politician, London (Barnes), July 2001

Powell, Enoch; politician, London, January 1987

Renton, Timothy; Lord Renton, Lewes (East Sussex), May 2003

Shore, Peter; Lord Shore, politician, London February 2000

Steel, David; politician, London, March 1987

Tebbit, Norman; politician, London, May 1987

Thatcher, Margaret; politician, London, May-June 1987

Tonge, Jenny; MP, London (East Sheen), January 2001

Truss, Elizabeth; MP, Chalton, Hampshire, April 2016

Vaizey, Ed; MP, Minister for Culture, Twickenham, London, March 2015

Watson, Alan; Lord Watson of Richmond, broadcaster, politician, January 2001

Windlesham, Lord; David Hennessy, politician, September 1995

Young, David; Lord Young of Graffham; politician, June 1987