Jackson, Philip; sculptor, West Dean (West Sussex), July 2005

Jackson, Vanessa; painter, London, July 2018

Jansons, Mariss; conductor, London, February 2007

Jaray, Tess; painter, London, April 2015

Jay, Margaret Ann; Baroness Jay, politician, London, January 1999

Jeffreys, Sir Alec; geneticist, Leicester, September 2004

Jellicoe, Sir Geoffrey; architect, London, June 1990

Jenkins, Roy; politician, author, London, January 1987

Jennings, Martin; sculptor, London, June 2016

Jennings, Martin; sculptor, Oxford, September 2009

Johnson, Ben; painter, London (Hammersmith), February 2017

Johnson, Ben; painter, London (Hammersmith), May 2006

Johnson, Boris; politician, London (Kew), March 2014

Johnson, Dame Louise; biochemist, Harwell (Oxfordshire), July 2009

Jones, Digby; Lord Jones; businessman and politician, London, July 2018

Jones, Sir Mark; art historian, Oxford, May 2013

Judge, Igor; Lord Judge of Draycote; Lord Chief Justice, Cambridge, June 2012