Ackroyd, Norman; painter, printmaker, London, August 2016

Armfield, Diana; and Bernard Dunstan, painters, London (Kew), April 2008

Armfield, Diana; and Bernhard Dunstan, painters, London (Kew), December 2016

Armfield, Diana; painter, London, December 2020

Auerbach, Frank; painter, London, April 2004

Ball, Julia; painter, Cambridge, October 2018

Barns-Graham, Wilhelmina; painter, St Ives, Cornwall, March 1993

Baselitz, Georg; artist, London, December 1987

Bawden, Richard; painter, printmaker, Hadleigh (Suffolk), March 2019

Beattie, Basil; painter, London, August 2019

Berry, June; painter, London, January 2017

Blackadder, Dame Elizabeth; painter, Edinburgh, September 2011

Blake, Pippa; painter, Chichester (West Sussex), July 2019

Blake, Sir Peter; painter, London (Hammersmith), May 2006

Blow, Sandra; painter, London, January 1994

Boulton, Janet; painter, Abingdon (Oxfordshire), March 2019

Bowey, Olwyn; painter, Heyshott (West Sussex), October 2013

Bowling, Frank; painter, London, October 2014.

Bowyer, Francis; painter, London, January 2019

Boyce, Sonia; artist, London, May 2018

Cairns, Joyce; painter, Dundee, April 2022

Catherall, Paul; printmaker and illustrator, London, March 2008

Chambers, Stephen; painter, London, March 2018

Collins, Cecil; painter, London, June 1988

Cooper, Eileen; painter, London, May 2013.

Cooper, Eileen; painter, London, September 2016

Copnall, John; painter, December 1993.

Craig-Martin, Michael; artist, London, June 2015.

Craxton, John; painter, London, January 2007

Cummins, Gus; painter, London, October 2012.

Davie, Alan; painter, London, July 1993

De Grey, Roger; painter, London, October 1985

Dean, Tacita; artist, London, March 2018

Dean, Tacita; artist, London, May 2018

Desmet, Anne; printmaker, London, April 2016

Desmet, Anne; printmaker, London, July 2013

Di Stefano, Arturo; painter, London, November 2018

Donagh, Rita; Richard Hamilton, painters, Chilgrove (West Sussex), July 2005

Dunstan, Bernard and Diana Armfield, painters, London (Kew), April 2008

El-Salahi, Ibrahim; painter, Oxford, January 2019

Emin, Tracy; artist, London, April 2018

Emin, Tracy; artist, London, October 2012.

Eyton, Anthony; painter, London, February and April 2017

Eyton, Anthony; painter, London, June 2008

Faure Walker, James; painter, London, October 2021

Fedden, Mary; painter, London (Hammersmith), May 2006

Gault, Annabel; painter, Saxmundham (Suffolk), January 2019

George, Patrick; painter, Saxham Hall, Suffolk, October 2014.

Gilbert and George; artists, printmakers, London, March 2012

Gingles, Graham; artist, Ballygally, Co. Antrim, October 2021

Gore, Frederick; painter, London, May 2008

Grant, Keith; painter, Gvarv (Telemark, Norway), November 2018

Green, Anthony; painter, Little Eversden (Cambridgeshire), September 2017

Hambling, Maggi; sculptor and painter, Rendham, Suffolk, March 2014

Hamilton, Richard; and Rita Donagh, painters, Chilgrove (West Sussex), July 2005

Hitchens, John; painter, Petworth (West Sussex), June 2004

Hitchens, John; painter, Petworth (West Sussex), June 2019

Hockney, David; painter, London, August 1985

Hogan, Eileen; painter, London, July 2017

Howard, Ken; painter, London, October 2012.

Howard, Ken; painter, London, September 2014

Huxley, Paul; painter, London (Hammersmith), May 2006

Inshaw, David; painter, Devizes (Wiltshire), March 2019

Irvin, Bert; painter, London, April 1993

Jackson, Vanessa; painter, London, July 2018

Jantjes, Gavin; painter, Witney (Oxfordshire), January 2022

Jaray, Tess; painter, London, April 2015

Johnson, Ben; painter, London (Hammersmith), February 2017

Johnson, Ben; painter, London (Hammersmith), May 2006

Jones, Katherine; printmaker, London, June 2022

Joseph, Tam; painter, sculptor, London, September 2020

Julien, Isaac; artist, London, August 2021

Khan, Idris; artist, London, October 2018

Lawson, Sonia; painter, Linslade (Bedfordshire), September 2013

Le Brun, Christopher; painter, London, August 2012

Le Brun, Christopher; sculptor, Butley (Suffolk), January 2016

Leman, Jill; painter, London, August 2017

Lyons, John; painter, poet, Littleport (Cambridgeshire), May 2022

Mallet, Sandy; painter, curator, London, July 2021

McFadyen, Jock; painter, London, December 2021

Milroy, Lisa; painter, London, October 2012

Morris, Desmond; zoologist, painter, author, Athgarvan, Co. Kildare, Ireland, October 2021

Morris, Mali; painter, London, September 2013

Newdick, Jonathan; artist, illustrator, Petworth (W.Sussex), December 2021

O’Donoghue, Hughie; painter, London, December 2021

Orr, Chris; printmaker, London, November 2018

Palmer, Garrick; printmaker, painter, photographer, Chichester (West Sussex), September 2016.

Panufnik, Jem; artist, London (Richmond), November 2011

Pearce, Bryan; painter, St Ives (Cornwall), September 1993

Perry, Grayson; artist, London (Twickenham), November 2009

Perry, Grayson; artist, London, October 2012

Phillips, Tom; painter, composer, London, November 1991

Pritchard, Helena; painter, sculptor, Petersfield, Hampshire, September 2021

Rae, Barbara; painter, Edinburgh, September 2011

Rae, Fiona; painter, London, May 2013.

Rego, Paula; painter, London, November 1994

Remfry, David; painter, London, October 2014.

Riley, Bridget; painter, London, July 1989

Robinson, Fiona; artist, Bristol, April 2022

Salter, Rebecca; painter, London, April 2015

Scott, Rachel; painter, weaver, London, October 2014.

Shawcross, Neil; painter, Belfast, July 2018

Smith, Paul ‘Don’; street artist, London, August 2014

Stibbon, Emma; painter and printmaker, Bristol, March 2018

Sutton, Philip; painter, Bridport (Dorset), January 2022

Swale, Suzan; painter, London, May 2021

Topolski, Feliks; painter, London, December 1985

Verity, Charlotte; painter, London, January 2015.

Wallis, Sheila; painter, Guildford (Surrey), July 2010

Whishaw, Anthony; painter, London, June 2012

Wragg, John; sculptor and painter, Devizes (Wiltshire), September 2015

Wylie, Rose; painter, Newnham, Kent, September 2014.

Yhap, Laetitia; painter, Hastings (East Sussex), March 2018